Statement on COVID-19

Dear Colleagues and Clients!

Currently, the entire business community is focusing on coronavirus infection (COVID-19). Regardless of how someone evaluates the situation in a particular country, and how objective this evaluation is, only one thing is true: in any crisis situation everyone needs to act calmly, mindfully and reasonably.

Please, take care of yourself, follow all the instructions, observe appropriate precautions, and do the right things for you, your colleagues and family members.

We make sure that all our Clients will continue to receive from our team of advisors all the necessary services and useful information. Some specialists remain at your disposal in our office, while others work remotely. We kindly ask you to take it into consideration and be understanding about: it may take a little longer to answer a number of your questions and handle your orders. However, we guarantee that all our obligations will be fulfilled and our colleagues and employees will always be ready to work for you and your business.

Stay healthy, support each other, and together we will overcome this crisis.

Managing Partner
Denis Kastsian

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