Трансформация финансовой отчетности

Transformation of Financial Statements

The main method for preparing financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is transformation, which is regrouping accounting information prepared under the national accounting standards (NAS) into the accounting that meets IFRS requirements. All accounting information prepared under NAS is analyzed and necessary adjustments are made in accordance with IFRS.

Main stages of transformation:

    1. Developing accounting policies;
    2. Selecting functional and presentation currency;
    3. Calculating opening balances;
    4. Developing transformation model;
    5. Examining a company’s organizational structure in order to determine subsidiaries, associated, affiliated and joint venture companies to be included into the accounting;
    6. Determining special features of the company’s business and gathering information necessary to calculate transformation adjustments;
    7. Regrouping and reclassification of financial statements items from National Accounting Standards into IFRS.

Results of transformation of financial statements to IFRS:

  • financial statements, including:
  • statement of financial position;
  • statement of comprehensive income;
  • statement of changes in equity;
  • statement of cash flows.
  • notes, with summary of significant accounting policies and other explanatory information required under IFRS; notes include essential information about a company, its financial position, comparability of data for the financial and preceding years, valuation methods and essential financial statements items.

Our specialists provide any consulting assistance in adoption and implementation of IFRS:

    1. explaining different aspects of accounting;
    2. developing accounting methodology; developing chart of accounts and accounting policies;
    3. practical training in accounting and reporting under IFRS, preparation of consolidated statements, transformation of accounting;
    4. assistance in automation of accounting in accordance with IFRS;
    5. first-time adoption of IFRS;
    6. other consultation requested by the Client.

Cost of Services

The cost of audit services is determined according to working hours spend on implementation of an individual project.

Standard approved cost of a man-day of UHY BusinessCollegia LLC’s specialists, who provide the respective services, amounts to 300 BYN.

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