Профессиональные и иные аудиторские услуги

Professional and Other Audit Services

Our team of experienced auditors, advisors and accountants can provide a wide range of professional and other audit services to local and international companies.

We provide

  • Financial due diligence (on the part of the buyer);
  • Financial due diligence (on the part of the seller);
  • Tax due diligence.
  • Inspecting financial and economic activities of the company serving the interests of the Client, detection of fraud;
  • Examining essential business transactions recorded in accounts for accuracy and completeness;
  • Analyzing «schemes» of siphoning off/ theft of assets;
  • Detecting doubtful counterparties, non-standard business transactions with significant risks;
  • Analyzing procurement system, prices and fairness of counterparties;
  • Analyzing potential tax risks.

Purpose of due diligence is to give a true and fair view of a company’s financial position, determine its real value and possible risks in order to evaluate its investment attractiveness.

Due diligence includes legal and financial analysis, assessment of potential risks of loss of assets or their part, assessment of fair value of assets, determination of a company’s market value.

  • risk analysis of projects involving the use of borrowed money;
  • analysis of a company’s cash flow;
  • loan portfolio optimization;
  • forecast of management decisions results;
  • funds sourcing;
  • loan portfolio administration;
  • functions of remote financial director.

Credo of UHY is professionalism, quality, integrity, innovation. All UHY members are guided by these principles.

A wide range of services, common standards of work and methodology combined with thorough knowledge of local conditions – that’s what UHY offers to all its clients with international needs.

More detailed information about UHY International network you can find at www.uhy.com

Cost of Services

The cost of audit services is determined according to working hours spend on implementation of an individual project.

Standard approved cost of a man-day of UHY BusinessCollegia LLC’s specialists, who provide the respective services, amounts to 250 BYN

Cost of advisory services is determined individually, depending on the type of services: services on a regular basis or one-time consultation. A man-hour cost of consultation amounts to 50 BYN.

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