Консультационные услуги

Advisory Services

We monitor changes in the tax legislation to advise our Clients on how to use all available tax preferences to the best advantage in order to minimize tax liabilities.

We provide tax advice for structuring specific transactions, acquisition, sale, reorganisation or real estate transactions.

Our team of professional tax advisors will help you or your company to choose the right way.

We provide

  • Preparation of opinions on certain taxation matters by certified tax advisors;
  • Consultations on maintenance of accounting records and preparation of financial statements;
  • International and local tax planning;
  • Detection and minimization of tax risks during business structuring;
  • Drafting documentation and economic justification for transfer pricing;
  • Tax audit;
  • Tax outsourcing;
  • Special aspects of application of laws when conducting business in Free Economic Zones, High-Tech Park, Great Stone Industrial Park.

Purpose of due diligence is to give a true and fair view of a company’s financial position, determine its real value and possible risks in order to evaluate its investment attractiveness.

Due diligence includes legal and financial analysis, assessment of potential risks of loss of assets or their part, assessment of fair value of assets, determination of a company’s market value.

  • Detecting unfair acts of a company’s personnel;
  • Examining essential business transactions recorded in accounts for accuracy and completeness;
  • Analyzing «schemes» of siphoning off/ theft of assets;
  • Detecting doubtful counterparties, non-standard  business transactions with significant risks;
  • Analyzing procurement system, prices and fairness of counterparties;
  • Analyzing potential tax risks.

We provide advice on the laws in different jurisdictions. Our goal is to maximize your tax effectiveness worldwide. Our professional team will assist you in international tax matters, including:

  • Controlled foreign companies;
  • Double taxation treaties;
  • Tax planning;
  • Thin capitalization;
  • Transfer pricing;
  • Corporate reorganization;
  • Tax claims and disputes;
  • VAT in EEU, EU and other states;
  • Other special tax projects;

Our solid experience will help you to create or reorganize a group of companies in order to maximize effectiveness of intra-group transactions. We provide assistance in reorganization of a group of companies through merger, split-off or in any other way that will enable you to optimize your costs and structure.

We provide assistance during tax investigation, help to make a request to tax authorities to maximum effect and present satisfactory arguments and documents confirming reasonableness of your standpoint in tax dispute.

When disputing answers of tax authorities or results of tax investigation we undertake the following tasks:

  • Initial assessment of prospects;
  • Determination of key aspects and strategies for achievement of positive result;
  • Search for arguments and documents supporting your standpoint;
  • Consultations from start-to-finish;
  • Writing an expert opinion.

Over recent years the laws of the Republic of Belarus on transfer pricing have been significantly changed, affecting transactions between companies and their related parties. Our professionals are forward to assist in the following:

  • Risk evaluation;
  • Review of contracts and agreements;
  • Development and implementation of integrated transfer pricing policies;
  • Preparation of documents and economic justification for transfer pricing;
  • Protection of your interests before tax authorities.

Cost of Services

Cost of advisory services is determined individually, depending on the type of services: services on a regular basis or one-time consultation. A man-hour cost amounts to 100 BYN.

Cost of a service package is determined according to working hours spend on implementation of an individual project. Cost of a man-day amounts to 500 BYN.

Cost of services on a regular basis under a long-term agreement amounts to 800 BYN per month.

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