Audit Under National Standards

Our audit services will help you to comply with national legal requirements. Most significantly, we propose optimal solutions to satisfy your specific needs.
We acknowledge that annual audit is more than just a control procedure or an obligation provided for by law. It is also an opportunity to find areas and methods for improving a company’s business.

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Audit of Financial Statements Prepared Under IFRS

Changeover to international financial reporting standards (IFRS) enables entering international markets, strengthening investment attractiveness of a company, borrowing from foreign banks, listing a company on the stock exchange and many other things that one can gain from having financial statements prepared under the global standards.

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Advisory Services

We monitor changes in the tax legislation to advise our Clients on how to use all available tax preferences to the best advantage in order to minimize tax liabilities.
We provide tax advice for structuring specific transactions, acquisition, sale, reorganisation or real estate transactions.
Our team of professional tax advisors will help you or your company to choose the right way.

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Accounting Outsourcing

We provide our Clients with a service package for accounting and financial accounting outsourcing (performing functions of an accountant, chief accountant, financial director, staff manager, HR specialist). The main advantage of such a decision is cost optimization. We are ready to control accounting of our Clients, assuming the responsibility to the extent of functions of a company’s chief accountant.

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Transformation of Financial Statements

The main method for preparing financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is transformation, which is regrouping accounting information prepared under the national accounting standards (NAS) into the accounting that meets IFRS requirements. All accounting information prepared under NAS is analyzed and necessary adjustments are made in accordance with IFRS.

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Automation of Accounting Under IFRS

Most companies that prepare accounting under IFRS choose such method of converting the national accounting statements as transformation in electronic spreadsheets and data bases (for example, MS Excel). More complicated, but at the same time more precise and qualitative method is to use automated tools for preparation of accounting under IFRS.
We provide services for implementation of automated system of accounting and preparation of financial statements under IFRS.

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Audit Before Liquidation

We provide services for independent assessment of legal entities’ activities before their liquidation. Such assessment replaces inspection conducted by tax or customs authorities and Belarusian Republican Unitary Insurance Company “Belgosstrakh”. Results of such assessment give grounds for state authorities to provide certificates (information) necessary for liquidation.

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Services For IT-Companies And Companies With Special Tax Treatment

Better understanding of your business and target market enables us to actively assist you in improving the efficiency and increasing profitability.
We help you to take full advantage of the preferential regimes available in Belarus:
The High-Tech Park (HTP), Free Economic Zones (FEZ), the China-Belarus Industrial Park “Great Stone”, activities on the territory of middle, small urban settlements, rural areas, Orsha region.

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Professional and Other Audit Services

Наша команда опытных аудиторов, консультантов и бухгалтеров может предоставить широкий спектр профессиональных и иных аудиторских услуг локальным и международным компаниям.

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