Agile Software Development Methodology

Agile is one of the technologies that lead not only to the digitalization of business, but also to a cultural shift in society, which increases the efficiency and relevance of a particular profession. And audit in this regard is no exception.

The Heads of Departments of UHY BusinessCollegia LLC completed the education for the course of “Agile Software Development Methodology”.

During the course we learned:

– how to competently apply Agile and Scrum tothe work on your projects

– who is a SCRUM-master?

– basic strategies and tactics for effective use of Scrum;

– how to work with Product Backlog;

– how to form SCRUM teams and manage such teams;

– what are the common problems in teams; anti-team behavior, its reasons and what to do about it.

When implementing Agile in any company the important point  is to change the corporate culture. A shift from push to pull thinking is needed. It is not we who ask the employee to do something, but the employee him/herself offers to do it.

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